Dobe Art Studio is the husband and wife team of Kevin and Brenda Doberstein. The studio was created out a mountain of dreams and the passion for art. Besides online sales both artists are represented by art galleries in Wisconsin and New Mexico.

Kevin’s medium is primarily wood and paint. Art forms include wood sculpture and wood wall art generally in abstract style. Kevin’s background working with wood started as a child being raised on a sawmill/logging environment. He tried leaving the wood culture several times but it seems it always called him back.

Brenda’s medium is primary wood based and canvas paintings. Styles include contemporary subjects like sunrises and nature. But she also touches the style of abstract as well. Creating art since she was a young teenager she likes to tell her story and inner thoughts from viewing a beautiful sunrise to watching nature and wildlife. 

We only use sustainable wood for the burl bowls, wood wall art and sculpture. Generally this means it comes from managed forests generally here in Northern Wisconsin. But we also use sustainable wood from other sources as well. We are a big believer in being eco-friendly and proud to live that life style. Also it helps us appreciate what was created for us and not take it for granted.

Kevin's full bio and C.V.

Brenda's full Bio and C.V.

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