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"It seems I always catch my self staring at some shape or listening to a sound. A cloud floating across the blue sky. A green tree landscape with the sun glimmering across the earth below. Nature provides so much. It so intriguing and spontaneous. It is the source of my art. It is the stimulus."



Brenda is a watercolor and acrylic paint artist.  She started at a very young age drawing.  Her parents would get aggravated with her staying up in her bedroom drawing.  They thought she was trying to avoid them altogether.  But in reality she loved drawing and art.  In later years she progressed into watercolor, acrylic painting, contemporary fine art paintings and wood burning.


2013 Solo Exhibition, Destination Art Show

2014 Group exhibition, Medford Art Walk

2015 Group exhibition, Uncommon Ground Art Show

2016 Group exhibition, Simek Library Art Fest,  Public Library Art Show

2017 Group Exhibition, Black River Art Gallery Show


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Bad Ischi, Austria


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