Kevin Doberstein's current art work that is being displayed at Chumani Art Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico.  This contemporary Southwest Gallery features many great artists that create southwestern art and modern sculpture art.  For more information on directions and contacting Chumani Gallery.

Drops from Mars. Fine Art  Wood Wall Sculpture with Chrysocolla stone, red sculpture pieces on Birch wood at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.

Drops from Mars. Exploring different mediums and trying new things was the goal with this wood wall sculpture piece. The southwest color palette shows with the blue stone inlay with the warm tones of the Birch wood.

Drifting Away. Fine Art Wood sculpture of Cherry and Maple wood currently at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.
Fallen Leaf. Maple Burl Wood Bowl Sculpture at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.

Carrying Voice. Inspiration for this tabletop wood sculpture piece are from reflections of a recent road-trip on a back-road jaunt. That 2 lane ribbon of patched up blacktop was telling stories along the way.  With each deserted building and roadside pull-off filled with prairie grass tales of the past here were coming to life.  And more you let your guard down and your heart open, the road spoke even more.

Still Running. Wood sculpture with a skull like appearance at Chumani Fine Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.

Fallen Leaf. A wood bowl sculpture. The mystery of wood burl can sometimes amaze you.  Because what sometimes is on the surface doesn't tell the story of what is hidden underneath.  And this art piece did just that.  The deeper I carved into this soft Maple burl, fine lines and dark grain patterns emerged.  The fine lines came from spalting and the grain figure came from the healing effects of the tree.


Old Dawn of Soul.  Inspiration for this modern wood sculpture came from an old trail running memory. Just off the trail there was a White Tail Deer skeleton that this time did not escape the death grip of the predator. It would be the last dawn of this soul.  But their spirit still runs free.  The predator can take the mortal life but not the spirit. This piece has been sold.

Cerrillos Collection Series. Fine Art Carved wood wall sculpture on Copper currently at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.
Eagles Bend. Wood Bowl Sculpture with mystic patterns at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.

Cerrillos Series. This wood wall sculpture is part of the Cerrillos Series. The Cerrillos Collection Series is a mixed media of wood and metal featuring sculpture and wall art.  Inspiration for this continuing array of metal and wood art are from road trips deep in the Southwest of the United States.  Lonely 2 lane blacktop roads rolling through canyons, around mesas and ghost towns can spur mind trips and creativity.

Eagles Bend. All wood abstract bowl sculpture created with laminated medium.  This piece is sold.

Aspen Burl Bowl Sculpture at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico
Endless Spirit. Fine Art Abstract wood sculpture with dark hues.  Currently at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid New Mexico.

Collector Bowl Sculpture. This is a larger hand carved bowl made entirely of Aspen Burl.  Because of the burl it has interesting grain and figuration characteristics.
Southwest turquoise was used for the inlay detail. This piece has been sold.

Endless Spirit. Contemporary wood sculpture. This piece can set on a table or the floor for display.

Black Cherry Burl Bowl Sculpture with turquoise inlay. Currently at Chumani Art Gallery Madrid, New Mexico.


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