Wood Sculpture Wall Art.  14 inches high,11 inches wide and 1 inch thick  It is a mixed media modern contemporary wall art sculpture.  $500

Available at Chumani Art Gallery.

I believe this unique wood wall sculpture represents a different style from other wood wall art.  With its differentiating sculptural pieces that seem to be hanging in mid-air gives it a distinctive look.

The Chrysocolla stone was purchased on a road trip to Santa Fe from a street vendor.  This is not a form of Turquoise stone and often mistaken for it. Such beautiful blue colors. On the more spiritual note it is known for a stone of prosperity and business astuteness. The beautiful hues discharges negative energies, calms and allows wisdom to flourish.

The title “Drops from Mars” can be a lot of things but for me it was exploring the creative soul and bringing it to material life. A voyage of wondering thoughts surfacing. Being complacent has its perks, having a stable and routine life.  But as artist routine means no artistic growth or emerging creativity.

This wall sculpture was built by each piece situated on various angles and color variations.  It is like each wood sculptural component has its own story to tell. Their own voice to speak.

Kevin Doberstein

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