Feeling the Warm Orange Reflection of a Sunset Painting.

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

With a warm glow on my face I feel the tranquility that surrounds me. All of the clutter is gone and my soul soars. Brenda Doberstein

Traveling about we are always on the lookout for a beautiful sunset.

Sometimes when the timing is right the Silverado will stop and we get a couple of pics of the glowing setting sun on the distant landscape.

Or sometimes we will just watch it transform with colorful orange and yellow hues.

It is amazing how fast the setting sun changes.

We dreamed of taking a lot of dedicated road-trips to view the sun setting in different parts of the country. And to capture the romantic coral pink, sapphire, mauve, and sunset orange colors with the camera for a future landscape painting. The trip would be a amazing storytelling experience.

#sunsetart #orange #paintings

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