Journey of Abstraction. Getting Lost in the Real World.

Lately I like to stand at my artist

bench and let whatever subject or theme I’m painting tell me what to pull from my toolbox of techniques.

  • Is it about color or textural qualities?

  • Should the paint application be thick or transparent or a combination of both to create a dynamic surface tension?

  • Softer brushwork or big, bold strokes?

I find myself increasingly interested in deconstructing an image just enough to bring out its abstract elements while staying within the realm of creativity.

Often I think I represent three different artists. The Abstract, Realism and expressionism. It seems each has its own journey for me. And it keeps me fresh.

I’m always experimenting and challenging myself with techniques that are uncharted. It keeps me growing and interested in painting and the world of art in general.

Regardless of my particular approach and style for the day, my underlying mission remains the same:

to express and share those abstract pieces of the physical world.

We live in a really chaotic world with a lot of negative things that we can get wrapped up in if we don’t learn to step back.

And that is the blessing art can bring to us. We can choose to live a grateful life if we choose to focus on the good.

Art can give us that moment of stepping back and walk around the chaos. And that path around turmoil and clutter shows us there’s still a lot that is positivity and beauty in the world.


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