For the Love of Sunsets and the Lonesome Road.

On our many adventures traveling down 2 lane back roads one of our favorite times is sunset, regardless if it is in Wisconsin or New Mexico or all points in-between.

Over the years we have seen many beautiful twilight western skies with bold reds, yellows and orange hues.

We never tire of viewing sunsets. Each one is different. We never grew weary of the astonishing view as the sinking Sun is telling its story to all who want to listen. In this quest it is sharing the many moods and beauty it brings to our world.

As we are parked on that lonely road watching the setting sun we are making mental notes of the colors that develop as it sinks below the horizon. Watching how cloud formations just above the horizon play with the Sun’s powerful rays.

Everything seems mellow and quiet except maybe the last gasp of breath from the day’s breeze. Or maybe a cluck of a Rocky Mountain sheep hoof on a rock as they are working their way to the prairie to graze.

It is a very special moment for us as we are mesmerized by the glow of the ambient beauty. The powerful magnetism of this special part of the twilight brings us back to why we do art. To celebrate life with color and senses. The business end dissipates and the inner spirit shines.

And when the Sun finally gives up and it becomes dark with any luck we will find a Cantina serving a Margarita and great food when we continue down that lonesome 2 lane highway.

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