5 Things You Need To Know About Old Dawn Of Soul and Chumani Art Gallery Today.

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

“Wood can have a mind of its own. It wants to tell its own story in the finished polished self” Kevin Doberstein

Inspiration for this sculpture came from an old trail running memory. Just off the trail there was a White Tail Deer skeleton that this time did not escape the death grip of the predator.

It would be the last dawn of this soul. But their spirit still runs free. The predator can take the mortal life but not the spirit.

Old Dawn of Soul is part of the Chumani Fine Art Gallery collection series currently being displayed. I really love the grain configuration and color of this piece.

Five things from this blog post;

  1. Old Dawn of Soul is created out of Black Cherry Burl

  2. Chumani Gallery is in Madrid, New Mexico

  3. The Turquoise Trail goes through the center of Madrid

  4. Black Cherry wood has a sweet smell when craved

  5. Madrid has several Art Galleries.

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