A Relationship of a Creative Spirit and an Adventuring Seeker.

“Art is one of those things that continues to intrigue long after its first encounter” Shannon Hanna, RS Hanna Gallery.

The artist is inspired to create that unique, different piece. That creative soul runs on pure subconscious instinct.

Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night writing down thoughts and visions before they escape at early morning light.

That creative mind doesn’t know when it is quitting time. Ideas can strike at any notice.

A true artist doesn’t force creative thoughts. It is just how they are wired.

The collector of art is always out looking for adventure. And that adventure depends on the person in determining what they are seeking.

A true collector doesn’t have to force finding an art piece. They will know it when they see it. It is how they are wired.

A true collector treasures a piece that will fit their soul.

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