The Art of Wood Collage Sculpture.

A Contemplation of Contemporary Sculpture Art.


The beauty of wood grain always intrigued me.  With its sometimes swirling structure and nuances wrapped around knots and defects. The more defects the wood piece had the more character that showed. But like a troubled person with all that character comes problems and things to work around.

I have been working with wood since I was a boy on my father’s sawmill.  Rather than working with heavy green lumber and timbers now I create with textures and tones.  Rather than working in extreme conditions of cold winters and hot summers mixed with either deep snow or deep mud I work in a studio.

Creating with wood brings enjoyment.  And I still learn more different things about working with wood and using it as a medium for Contemporary Fine Art.

Kevin Doberstein


 Black and white 2 dimensional collage.  This piece was created with thin wood cutouts that were overlaid.

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