When Daybreak Meets Night

Bright Sunrise Landscape ,
Size: 30” wide x 24” tall x 1" thick
Bold yellow, orange,blue and red hues.

Title: "When Daybreak Meets Night"
Artist: Brenda Doberstein
Medium: acrylic paint
Surface: Canvas


I believe this painting is representative of my best sunset landscape work and recognizes where I have arrived at this time of my art career.  It is a simple story of the way of nature showing its beautiful grace for us.  Complex in nature’s daily procedure that sometimes we take for granted but yet the beauty is there which we can honestly enjoy.

The title “When Daybreak Meets Night” symbolizes the emerging sun greeting the moon like one doesn’t want to give in to the other. Or maybe they are just lonely for each other like two passion struck lovers with aching hearts.

I have painted many sunsets/sunrises but I always try to bring out each other’s own natural beauty. For each one has its own story to tell. Their own voice to speak. The way the bold reds, yellows and orange harmonizes becomes spectacular and inspirational.  But then the sun continues to rise and gradually erases the bold bright hues telling us to move on and take the inspiration with us.

Brenda Doberstein

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